Some of my ancient recordings... Sunday 15 January 2012 at 11:48 am

I do a bit of music (although it's mostly with my band Hot Cold Ground nowadays). Here are some archive recordings...

My tunes are now on the major music sites:

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...and the archive of the archives - the real old stuff...

More Fool You - 1989ish heavily influenced by the New Order/PSB/Erasure I was listening to at the time.

A Different Thing - one of my first ever compositions (and it shows!)

Closing Time - lyrics by some bloke, a friend of a friend, can't even remember his name!

Kentucky Dan & The Coleslaw Kid - written about trips to Norwich KFC of a Friday night in my Mini

Last Time                   }

Suzanna                     } - These 3 had lyrics by my then-housemate Mike Ware

Words On A Serviette }

Some Holy Garden - a keyboard instrumental