Nurburgring Trip Day 5

Thursday 15 July 2010 at 7:55 pm

Monday 12 July
Cochem and Burg Eltz

Mileage start:24738 end:forgot to record it miles travelled:not sure - see tomorrow's entry

Sightseeing day - of course someone had to go out for an early-morning play while the rest of us were getting ready...

Cochem: We took a brilliantly twisty road (see, I'm starting to enjoy it!) which eventually led down into the Mosel valley and the town of Cochem.  Unfortunately a great deal of the route was in the middle of resurfacing, so instead of fast sweeping curves we got miles of loose gravel.  The town of Cochem is very touristy, with its fair share of shops selling crappy gifts, but the town itself is lovely, especially in the bright sunshine we'd again brought with us.  We found a great patisserie and treated ourselved to cake and ice-cream (like a bunch of 8-year-olds).  I also bought John a kid's bicycle bell with compass to install on his ZZR, as an introduction to the technical world of satnav.  Don't think he's fitted it yet...

The plan was then to ride along the banks of the Mosel to get to Burg Eltz castle, but first we went back up the road into town for some photo-opportunities:

Burg Eltz:  following the trusty satnav we found the castle car park, then took the shuttle bus down into the valley to see this spectacular castle.  Pity about the crane & scaffolding...

Then a quick ride back, and John and Ian went out on a second 'Ring lap in the quieter Monday night session.  By this time my camera battery had expired, so there's no more pics from me of that, I'm afraid.

As the hotel kitchen is closed on Mondays, we spent the evening in Adenau, and ended up having a bite to eat with Klasien, the landlady, who was passing.  It was an interesting conversation, with German, French, Dutch and a great deal of translation between them all.  Quick night-ride back to the hotel to finally pack our bags.