Nurburgring Trip Day 2

Thursday 15 July 2010 at 3:44 pm

Friday 9 July
Saint Quentin to OnRoad Cafe, Germany


Mileage start:24419 end:24643 miles travelled:224

An early start for day two (mostly since none of us could sleep), and the weather didn't look good with black clouds and showers.  Fortunately the rain cleared after half an hour on the road, and we were underway.

As the new experiences were coming thick and fast I'm a bit hazy on the route, and I can't remember where I took most of the following pictures.  Of course these don't do justice to the sheer breathtaking-ness of the views that I was seeing for the first time.



Wellin: during a brief stop to check the sat nav, we had stopped on a street in a small town.  To the right was an infants school, and the kids had a great time waving (and being waved at).  They had an extra treat, too; Trev had started off, but didn't notice Ian's bike wouldn't start.  In the end we had to bump it, much to the amusement of the schoolkids and some people in a shop over the road.  To add a bit more excitement we missed the turn, and ended up meeting up in Wellin, with Trev having rushed through an additional country (Luxembourg) to get back to us.  Nice coffee shop though.

La Roche-en-Ardennes

Into Germany: the roads were now getting properly twisty - and whilst the others were loving it, I'm not the most confident rider and was a bit nervy. But as the week went on, my confidence improved.  Here's one of the first views of Germany:

OnRoad Cafe: soon we had arrived at the OnRoad.  It's a fantastic base for Nurburgring, or even if the 'Ring isn't of any interest to you, the sightseeing in the region is spectacular.  You'll need to be a bit of a petrolhead though - the place is run by a Dutch Ducati owner, and is chock-full of motorsport memorabilia: a brake disc signed by Capirossi; all sorts of engine parts; the bar footrest is made of brake discs and exhaust pipes and there are car and bike posters everywhere.  Rooms are spacious and clean and the food is great (more on that later).  Click on the 'Related Link' below for more info.  They're such nice people, and deserve your business.  And full-sized towels, too!  Clicky the OnRoad's website

There's also a secure garage underneath the hotel, so your bike will be as well looked after as you are.

Cake!:  At teatime John recommended the spare ribs, and an impressive serving it is too! 

And (if you'll excuse the euphemism) the icing on the cake was, well, some cake!  As this year it was both Ian's and my 40th birthdays, Trev (bless) had rung ahead and sorted out a lovely dessert for us (borrowed your pics Trev).