Cat pics

Thursday 29 January 2009 at 9:12 pm


jmuhj - 01-02-’09 19:43

These are INCREDIBLY wondrous cat photos of obviously wondrous felines. Thank you for allowing us out here in the wilds of Cyberspace to gaze upon them in all their furry glory.

Alison - 13-04-’09 18:44

Sophie would like to ask if it is you that's slightly deranged or your cats. She does not think it is normal for a cat to pose on an arrow, in a pot or on scales so she suspects that you put them there for entertainment or more sinister purposes. Sophie would like to point out particularly that no cat should ever submit to being weighed, as it only ever leads to two things - Medicine and Diets. Both of which are Evol. I just think they're cute. But then I'm not a cat.