Samson the gert big ginge

Wednesday 21 January 2009 at 10:06 pm

We have adopted Samson the cat - for his background read The Little Cat Diaries. Here are some pictures of him, having quickly settled into his new home...

Samson on day one - a little nervous but using his in-built radar systems to target leather sofa for clawmageddon.

This truly is a whole lotta cat.

Thoughtful pose. The author apologises for hasty red-eye removal.

Bed and brush. I don't need one other thing. Except maybe some chicken.

It would help to imagine a Harry Hill voice at this point: "Brushy. Brushy brush. Brush brushy brush-brush."

Nom nom, delicious brush

cynthialeathers - 12-02-’09 04:39

I followed Samson's journey through Tom's blog, Little Cat Diaries. Glad to see he's settling in well with your crowd. Although, it does look a bit like he ate another cat. You might want to do a head count, just to be sure....