Getting rid of Facebook's annoying new ticker and adverts

Thursday 06 October 2011 at 11:37 am

This works for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, however if you’re a page admin it will hide some useful links.  The process basically hides the CSS element which governs the right-hand column, so it’ll only work until Facebook does another re-write (in about 10 minutes, by previous experience).

Both browsers use the Adblock Plus extension/plug-in.  To get it go to:

Firefox or Chrome

To configure it in Firefox, click on the little ABP icon at top-right and click Preferences.  Then click Add Filter…

In the New Filter box, type and hit apply.  Refresh your Facebook page and hey presto!, it’s gone.

In Chrome, once you’ve added the extension, go to the spanner icon, tools, extensions the click Options for Adblock.  Click Add your own filters tab and add the same text. Job done.

As I mentioned earlier, it kills the whole column which in Page administration contains some useful stuff, so you’ll need to disable this filter temporarily to see these.