Wacom Intuos Windows 10 Tap & Hold Right Click Disable

Friday 20 May 2016 at 1:51 pm

Just got a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet thingummy for Photoshop shenanigans, and was constantly annoyed by the Windows feature whereby you tap and hold to create a right-click, a little animated circle appears followed by the context-sensitive right-click menu.  All fine and dandy unless you're doing precision Photoshop things, when it's too sensitive.  Every time I tried to do anything, the spinny circle kept popping up, to my eternal annoyance.

Some Googling pointed to disabling a setting in Pen and Touch (Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Tablet PC Settings > Other tab > Go to Pen and Touch).  There you can disable the Press and Hold Right click feature.

In my case, however, the Wacom driver had hijacked these control panels and wouldn't let me access them.  The solution was to stop the Wacom Professional Service (Start, type services.msc, find the entry for Wacom, right-click, stop the service), change the options as above, then restart the service.

I'm in a domain environment, so it remains to be seen how much of this sticks after logoff, but at least I can now muck about on Photoshop without constantly saying 'Grrrr'.